Monday, April 09, 2012

How to make 3dsmax Container usable in production?

As far as I experienced with Container, I found it is not production proven and give a lot of weird errors, including but not limit to crash my maxfile. It seems like it may be another white elephant in 3dsmax.

However, after spending a lot of hours working with it, I have come up with some basic rules to avoid those errors or weird behaviours:
  1. Never link container with Dummy, instead, use any object with Renderable untick.
  2. If you are unable to hide it from render, simply assign it to a layer and make sure you have activate Override Object Properties in its parameter rollout.
  3. Do not try to work with "Affect Pivot" or any normal action with it, attach it to an object and manipulate the object to control Container.
  4. Its main feature is to boost up team work and make easier for amendment, however, please do not pay too much of trust. Always backup your original copy (without any container) of maxfile.
  5. Avoid use with Animation Layers - not confirm yet, but good to stay out of this.

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