Thursday, March 22, 2012

What normal bump has to do with Multi Scatter?

System specs:
  • 3dsmax 2012 SP1 w/ subscription advantage
  • Multi-scatter v1.1.09a
  • Vray 2.20.03
  • Win 7 Pro
  • i7 2600k + 16GB RAM

It is funny that when you scatter more than 25 trees which has material with normal bump assigned in the bump slot, you will suffer from extreme long light cache calculation time & follow by a 3dsmax crash.

I did not dig into the core of the problem, for a quick solution simply remove the normal bump or set it inactive will save your life else it will continue to crash no matter splitting your render into strip or passes.

This has been bothering me for days until I figured out it has nothing to do with anything else but the normal bump. Hope it save your day!


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