Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy way to do tree animation

Settings below should give a general soft nice looking tree receiving wind:
  1. Noise Modifier
  2. X-Y-Z: 5-5-5
  3. Frequency: 0.25
  4. Phase = Your animation length, e.g. there is 250 frames, the phase = 250.
Easy, isn't it?

If you want to do a strong wind, you can accomplish it by manipulating FFD box control point to bend the tree beside doing just Noise.

Have fun~!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Freaking slow render time?

Tired of waiting for render? Want a faster render to save your day when doing animation? Try these:
  1. Disable shadow of IES lights for those barely visible within the view. You still maintain the nice light spot while your render will fly now.
  2. Use less Vray Plane Light for exterior scene, no matter it is sky portal or normal plane light.
  3. Disable Generate GI for all plants & trees
  4. Make sure opacity maps are configured correctly and try use lesser of it.
  5. Despite losing some photo-realism, using Direct Light with sharp VrayShadow will drastically reduce render time.
  6. Choose the right Sampling - however bear in mind that different sampling mode demand higher setting of Noise Threshold & Material/Light subdivision. Don't end up fooling around and get similar render time.
  7. Instead of Irr + LC combination, drop out LC if you're fighting tight schedule. The quality is good enough that your client may not have spotted the different.