Monday, March 16, 2009

Vray lightcache troubleshoot

Have you ever experienced vray lightcache halt or slowdown during rendering? From what I have encountered so far, it could be caused by:

Scenario 1: When lightcache halt at about 85.99% (0.99% is my estimation XD)
  • One or more of the materials have bump amount set too high. I had this problem in one of my scene with 800 in bump. Reduce the bump to a lower value.

Scenario 2
: Vray keep unloading geometry during lightcache calculation
  • Possibly too many geometryin your scene or simply you have too many displacement in your scene. Convert your geometry into Vraymesh to solve this problem.

Scenario 3: Lightcache run extremely slow
  • Too many light in your scene, especially IES light. Remove unnecessary light will definitely speed up the progress.

Scenario 4
: 3dsmax crashed during lightcache
  • You may have set the Scale to World which is not necessary for still image render (or sometimes even for animation you don't need it). Change it back to Screen.

Scenario 5: lightcache render slower/equally with quad cores processor compare to dual cores
  • Change the number of passes to match your processor cores. If you have quads, make it 4. Increase this amount regardless your CPU cores do not speed up the progress, so no cheat here. :P

If the scenario you encountered has not been discussed above, feel free to share yours here. I would definitely love to learn from you guys.

Happy rendering~!