Saturday, July 12, 2008

Demoreel 2008, finally!!!!

Hurray!!!! After 4 months of on&off and sleepless night, finally completed my first ever demoreel, featuring lighting & compositing!

Despite it is really tiring, it really worths the whole world to me. Learnt a lot of thing from this and finally I get to know how to use After Effects, thanks Patrik for sharing his AE knowledges with me. Also, thanks Jax Lee for motivating me throughout the time and gave me a lot of invaluable inputs. Not to forget, big thanks to Adam as he is the one whom brought me into this industry and taught me countless techniques during training period.

Finally, thanks my family for support me no matter what decision I made and of course all of my friends that forgive me, I don't mean to fly you guys kite when you guys date me out and now you know I'm not, right? hehe~